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No matter what your skin type is, healthy skin emanates a natural glow. However, when the skin is not healthy or taken care of well enough, then it can look dull and lifeless. This can affect your natural pallor and even make you look unwell. Fortunately, there are many ways to bring back the natural lustre of your skin, and the treatment or the products you must use will depend largely on your skin type and the reason why it looks so dull.

There are many treatment options available here at AESTHETICA to help you restore your glowing skin. Our skin brightening treatments include below-

. Hydra Facial
. Microdermabrasion
. Micro-needling
. BB Mesotherapy
. Signature Glow
. LED Light Therapy
. O2 lift therapy
. Chemical Peeling
. Face PRP
. Carbon Laser Facial
. Glutathione

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AESTHETICA- Skincare and Laser Centre launched its first clinic in 2018 and was founded by Dr Natasha Nasir Chowdhury, one of the talented, young and promising Dermatologists in Bangladesh. Over the past few years, we have built up an excellent team of dedicated experts and loyal clients. AESTHETICA earned its reputation for providing effective individualised treatments in a professional and caring environment.

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“I absolutely love the service of AESTHETICA- Skin Care and Laser Centre , they offer such a range of amazing treatments in such a great, friendly, inviting environment.”- Samia Sultana

“Great customer service and extremely friendly staff. So happy with the end result of my teeth whitening.”- Tisha Belayet

AESTHETICA – Skin Care and Laser Centre is a place I would highly recommend for all who are acquiring laser treatments.”- Asim Sen


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Why Clients Choose Our Clinic

People come to AESTHETCIA– Skin Care and Laser Centre for laser treatments for a wide range of reasons. They want the assurance of medical and cosmetic treatment that adheres to strict Health and Safety guidelines and carried out by fully qualified and experienced physicians who care and inquire about their medical history. All our staff are properly qualified and trained.They want to be treated by clinicians who understand the need for discretion and are sensitive to the various reasons why people turn to laser treatment. And they want a treatment that is affordable without compromising on the quality of treatment and care provided.

At AESTHETICA, we provide all of these assurances. That’s why our clients often recommend us.